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Window sill: technology and execution

The more free space in a room, the more neat and comfortable the interior. Well, in a small apartment everything should be functional, even a windowsill. Turning a window sill into a table is an excellent solution if square meters are “squeezed”.

Design advantages

  • Save space. If you do not need a director’s desk, it is better to leave an extra meter of free space instead. In addition, a countertop with legs will be noticeably cheaper than a full-fledged piece of furniture.
  • Illumination. You save on electricity by not using a desk lamp in the daytime. And daylight is enough to work throughout the day (plus, it is more useful than artificial).

Problems and Solutions

Convection. The battery was placed under the window for a reason. She does not allow cold drafts to appear, mixing hot air from a radiator with cold from a window. Also, the thermal curtain prevents the windows from fogging. Hot air warms the window – condensation evaporates.

The poor circulation of warm air will be handled by the holes in the countertop. They can be made round or oblong (depending on the design of the structure). Holes are closed with decorative grilles.

Strength. Double-glazed window sills are made of polyvinyl chloride. In other words, 80% of them are made of air. For a solid countertop, you will have to buy more load-resistant material.

As a tabletop, you can use laminated particleboard or artificial stone (already pre-cut according to the drawing). For additional support, you can use furniture wooden or metal legs.

Important: if you do not fix the legs on the floor, they will “slide-out” under the structure.

General style. With such an outstanding window sill, you cannot hang long curtains (tulle) on the floor. Choose blinds or Roman curtains.

Choose a material for the countertop

The simplest material for this task is MDF or particleboard. They are lightweight, inexpensive, easy to saw, resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. You can cut the countertop with a household tool at home. The average thickness of the sheet is 20-25 mm.

Particleboard can be selected laminated (any shade) or for additional processing (polishing, painting).

Before buying, determine the size. Remember that there will be a radiator under your feet. The depth of the countertop should be such that the knees in it, at least, do not rest.


  • The countertop should go under the window frame. Arm yourself with a drill/perforator and knock out the hole of the right size in the brickwork. If this is not done, gradually the gap between the countertop and the wall under the frame will crack.
  • Do not forget to cover the joint with sealant. If the edge is cut off at the countertop, soak it several times with linseed oil or soil (this will protect it from moisture).
  • Fill the cracks under the tabletop with construction foam.

Preparatory work

To make a window-sill table based on a window with a width (150-180 cm), you will need:

  • Finished worktop from particleboard or MDF. The thickness of the workpiece should be such that the windows open without touching the table.
  • Metal chrome racks – 2 pcs.
  • “Joker” mounting system – 4 pcs.
  • Perforated mounting profiles.
  • Impregnation for wood (in place of cuts).
  • Self-tapping screws.
  • Polyurethane foam.

The execution is not complicated, but a lot of tools are needed. Of course, you can get the wit and one, but to work in comfort you have to buy. The task can be simplified and used.configurator from Bosch. The platform offers a line of tools as standard and a single battery for all models. Buy a jigsaw, drill, and screwdriver at the lowest price, complete them with 1 common battery and save on unnecessary charges and batteries.

Which tool will we use:

  • Electric jigsaw (jigsaw).
  • Drill/screwdriver.
  • Hammer drill.
  • Roulette.
  • Level.


We cut out a tabletop of the desired shape from a chipboard sheet. We cut the workpiece along the contour with a jigsaw. An important point: if you are an idealist, then a jigsaw alone will not be enough. The tool does not remove chips that appear during the cutting process. That there was no “torn edge”, chips should be processed with a mill.

If you cut the countertop yourself, there are unprocessed slices. They can be sealed with edge tape. Most often, it is sold with finished chipboard countertops (in a single color scheme). Sticky tape is held. All that is needed is to attach it to the edge and iron it with a hot iron.

Tip: the bottom of the countertop can be strengthened with a beam, and subsequently the table racks can be attached to it (especially convenient if the countertop is thin). The bars are attached with PVA glue and self-tapping screws.

Remember the battery and the “thermal curtain”. We cut small holes in the countertop above the radiator so that the air rises. The diameter of the holes is at least 3.5 cm (if they are round). It is possible to make longitudinal ones (it’s convenient to close them with decorative metal gratings).

We fix the finished countertop into the window opening on metal connectors with perforation (or furniture ties). We bend the profile 90 °. We fix one part to the workpiece, the other to the wall. The space between the countertop and the opening is filled with construction foam (do not forget about the seams and slopes).

Tip: do not mount the countertop only on liquid nails, supplement the fasteners with self-tapping screws.

Install additional supports – legs

If the outgoing part of the countertop is equal to the part that lies on the base of the window frame, then legs are needed. So that the legs do not “fidget” back and forth, we fix them on the floor with “jokers”.

Tip: before installation, put both flanges on the leg immediately. After you fastened the lower, the upper one will be impossible to put on, there simply will not be room for it.

Finally, the leg is fixed with a screw on the flange. Remember that conventional racks will not work. They must have a thread at the bottom. The leg is screwed into the rack and placed in a strut.

Done! The resulting design can easily withstand not only the weight of books and papers, but also a computer, laptop, etc.

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