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Walkways in the bathroom and toilet from a flexible mdf corner

Hey. Finally, after repairing the bathroom, my hands reached the thresholds. They looked disgusting.

I wanted to do something that was not very stubborn but at the same time durable. Porakinin a little brain decided to apply for these purposes a flexible MDF corner. Why exactly him? Well, firstly, the price (one 2-meter thing costs about 200 rubles), secondly, many different colors and thirdly, ease of processing (you can cut it to size with an ordinary hacksaw, even for wood, at least for metal). For these reasons, I settled on it. I decided to fix it on the glue. The moment of installation (well, so that it’s completely light). I spent about 400 rubles on all the materials. Generally ready for work.

I clean the field of activity with a spatula.

I’m measuring. Naturally with an assistant)

Then I saw a corner with a Makita 4329 jigsaw and a BOSCH T 118A file. Although this sheet is also made of metal, such materials are sawn cleanly and without chips. I saw a corner in 4 parts. Two will be glued with a bend, and two exactly to cover a large area of ​​the threshold. True, I encountered a certain problem. After buying a corner, I didn’t start work immediately and kept it for some time in the pantry in a looped-down view in the form of a loop. After I got it out of there, it remained a wave ((I had to bother to make it flat again. So, you need to store the MDF corner only in the upright position. In general, I put glue and mount it.

It would seem that is all, but as usual, cats decided everything in their own way. Clay froze for a long time and while I was not at home, one corner was torn off.

So I had to use heavy artillery. Metabo punch and drill 6.

I dive into the threshold. Carefully so as not to break off part of it.

I insert the dowels and fasten tightly so that not a single cat is torn off)

Here is the end result. It seems not bad happened. All the best)

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