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Cutting marble and granite is the most important process in the processing of natural stone. The most popular types of natural stones are granite and marble. The stone is mined in quarries, for this, there are several ways that differ in the level of financial costs and the quality of the obtained stone block. In any case, whatever the mining method, stone blocks are quite large and often irregular. Naturally, buyers of natural stone are not satisfied with this, therefore, cutting of the stone is needed.

Large blocks obtained from quarries can only be sawed on machines. In this case, wire rope machines for cutting granite are suitable, since they have no restrictions on the dimensions of the workpieces being cut. The working tool for such machines is a diamond wire for cutting stone. It is a steel rope with diamond-embedded segments. For safety and durability, the diamond-free part of the rope is placed in a rubber or plastic sheath.

But for further cutting granite into small blocks, a circular saw will be more economically viable. Different saws use discs of different diameters: up to 3500 mm. Thus, with the help of diamond discs, it is possible to cut granite to a depth of 125 mm to 1200 mm (it will be more profitable to cut stone with a smaller thickness using a grinder with water supply .)

In any case, whether it is cutting marble on a rope or disk machine, or using a grinder and a small disc (up to 230 mm in diameter) – sawing is carried out using a diamond tool, therefore this type of processing is called diamond cutting of stone.

We present to your attention the most popular machines for cutting granite (open-pit rope, rope jigsaws, bridge discs, and gantry discs)


  1. Decide at once what thickness of stone you need to cut: The tile cutters can cut granite with a thickness of 60 mm to 220 mm. But if you cut only thin tiles, up to 75 mm thick, it is more advisable to use a grinder or grinder. You can decide for yourself what technique and disc you need: the maximum workpiece thickness that you can cut is 2/3 of the disc diameter.
  2. Do not chase the low price of a consumable tool – a diamond blade. Natural stone requires a delicate approach; discs intended for concrete and reinforced concrete are not suitable for it. Firstly, they leave too many chips, and secondly, they have a hard bond, diamonds will quickly fly off on granite with such a bond. A bunch is a material in which diamonds are placed directly. Usually, it is an alloy of copper, nickel, and tungsten.
  3. When cutting stone, it is better to leave a “comb” – do not finish to the very end, leave a few mm to the end, then turn the workpiece over and cut from the upper side in the same place. Thus, chips will not be obtained on the surface.
  4. Cutting marble is best done with a coolant supply: it prevents the working tool from overheating and prevents blackening on the stone surface. Solid and segmented diamond discs are recommended to be used only with water supply. Turbo discs can be used without water. Also, some segment discs are laser-welded and can also be used dry.
  5. Also decide for yourself what is more important for you: higher productivity or higher cutting accuracy. Solid discs have the highest cutting accuracy, segment saws quickly, but after them the largest number of chips.

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