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Spanish tile Porcelanosa

The Spanish company Porcelanosa has confidently held a leading position among manufacturers of the world-class wall and floor ceramic tiles for at least the last 10-15 years. Porcelanosa is a true flagship in the production of ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles! It is in the factories of this Spanish concern that, as a rule, they create new textures, colors, and ceramic tile decors, while other manufacturers copy these developments.

How is Porcelanosa Spanish tile different from other brands?

The main competitive advantage of Porcelanosa is its unique design, the widest range of collections with different styles. Ceramic tiles Spanish concern is used for decoration of all types of premises. In addition to high-quality indicators, the tile has an unusual design and is used for interior decoration in the style of hi-tech, loft, classic, modern minimalism, eco-style, and many others. The popularity of Spanish tiles is also due to its outstanding operational useful properties:

  • Wear resistance. The tile is resistant to abrasion, small scratches and damage, which allows it to be successfully used in industrial fields.
  • The density of the structure. Ceramic tiles are almost impossible to break or bend.
  • Resistance to chemical damage. Cleaning ceramic tiles with potent substances, which include acid and alkali, does not affect its quality and appearance.
  • Moisture resistance. Artificial stone does not absorb moisture, so it can be used to decorate bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Anti-slip effect. Floor tiles can be laid indoors and outdoors.
  • Preservation of color shades under any mechanical impact. Products retain color saturation during the most intensive use. Each factory has its own strict laboratory quality control. If the color of the tile changes compared to, the entire batch is sent for “remelting”.

The unique benefits of Porcelanosa porcelain stoneware.

Many technological solutions have no analogs in other factories, which allows the company to produce exclusive and diverse products.

For example, it was possible to achieve perfect geometric lines when laying porcelain stoneware thanks to a unique rectification system. The product line also includes seamless ceramic tiles, which are laid on the walls and floors with a single canvas. The efficiency of installation work and installation of products with a minimum number of seams allow you to quickly transform the interior.

Trademarks Porcelanosa Grupo

  • URBATEK factory specializes in the manufacture and commercialization of wall and ceiling coverings made of technical porcelain. URBATEK products combine ultra-thin structure and high strength, are not enameled, painted in bulk and have an incredibly low degree of water absorption (less than 0.1%). One of the latest developments of the company is the ultra-thin large-format XLIGHT porcelain tile (tiles measuring 300×100 cm, weighing 8 kg / m 2, thickness – 3.5 mm). The use of XLIGHT tiles allows you to turnkey the most complex and interesting interior design projects, for example, in a minimalist style with “invisible” sanitary cabinets or bathrooms and kitchens lined with the same material.
  • The production company VENIS produces porcelain stoneware and tiles with an unusual texture and original color schemes. Venis products are manufactured using a unique technology that involves both single and double firing. Another characteristic feature is the special processing of the side edges of the products. When applying enamel to the surface, these have their own interesting nuances – with the help of special adhesives, the enamel tightly adheres to the base, due to which cracking and peeling during operation are completely eliminated.
  • BUTECH company specializes in the production of premium building materials for laying tiles and decorative profiles. Butech mixes, grouts, profiles, and other products are perfectly compatible with all products of the concern. Over the past few years, the company has significantly expanded its range by adding ventilated facades, suspended ceilings, acoustic insulation, raised floors, new types of sealants, sound-absorbing and soundproof coatings and other products.
  • The Spanish company L’ANTIC COLONIAL is distinguished by an unusual author’s approach to the production of mosaics and tiles for the kitchen, bathroom, toilet. Products are made from natural materials (marble, slate, wood, glass) and meet the most stringent environmental safety requirements (CE Mark). In addition to ceramic tiles, the factory also produces a wide range of plumbing products and bathroom furniture – washbasins, sinks, shower trays, countertops, shelves. A separate area of ​​work is the manufacture of wood parquet.
  • Under the GAMADECOR trademark, bathroom furniture is produced, which is highly resistant to temperature extremes and constant humidity. Gamadecor products are ideally compatible with ceramic tiles of all the factories of the concern and together with it forms a single concept of a magnificent interior of a premium class. Such effects as polished metal, unusual mirrors, and natural stone enhance the impression. Bathroom furniture of this brand is suitable for the implementation of design ideas in a wide variety of styles – baroque, minimalism, classic, art deco.
  • To produce high-quality sanitary ware and bathroom accessories by the Porcelanosa Grupo concern, in 2001 a separate division was established – the NOKEN factory. The company manufactures products such as sinks, mirrors, faucets (including for the kitchen), bidets, toilets, heated towel rails, radiators, sconces, and various accessories. The design of all Noken products is designed in accordance with the principles of cleanliness, clarity, ergonomics, simple, concise outlines. Another feature of Noken products is its operational efficiency. So, for example, flushing mechanisms installed in the toilet bowls of this brand can save up to 25% of the water consumed.
  • System pool – production of wellness products for bathrooms, as well as professional spa salons. The assortment of this brand includes hydromassage bathtubs, pallets, curtains, saunas, equipment, and various accessories for SPA zones. All Systempool products are not only impeccable in technical terms, but also very effective in their appearance.
  • Krion. Acrylic stone Krion – a coating with a solid surface (Solid Surface), which can be used in the implementation of unique architectural and design projects. This material has a clean, radiant white color, antibacterial properties, resistance to chemicals, easy to use. If an element based on Krion acrylic stone is damaged, it can be easily and quickly repaired with a chemical welding kit. After repair, the product will look like new.

All the factories that are part of the Spanish concern Porcelanosa Grupo are united by a careful study of the needs of their customers and continuous improvement of products in accordance with their expectations and preferences.

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