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Simple tips on how to choose the waste outlet

What to consider when replacing or renewing the sanitary waste system.
If you need to replace or complete your toilet flushing system and are looking for advice, you are in the right place! In this article we will explain in a very simple way how to choose the perfect flush for your sanitary fixtures. They can be used in bidet toilet combos.

What is the drain?

The drain is a plug that is screwed into the hole in the washbasin and then screwed in. It is a metal ferrule that is located between the sink and the siphon and has a very important function, which is to protect the flushing of toilets such as sinks, bidets and showers from any accumulation of debris such as hair or hair. It is a fundamental element in the bathroom furniture sector, in fact, there are many types of drains on the market. In particular, the modern ones, have really interesting shapes, materials and colours, so that now they can be considered as real decorative elements. Think, for example, of those in red, orange, yellow or green! By choosing them we could really enrich the bathroom with style!

What are the various types of drains?

There are two types of flushes currently on the market, the so-called “universal” and the so-called “click-clack”.

The universal flushes are fully compatible with all types of washbasins and bidets regardless of whether they are made of ceramic or acrylic. Universal flushes are also widely used for modern washbasins that do not have an overflow, i.e. the hole that allows the excess water in the sanitary ware to escape from the sink.

The click-clack wastepipes are characterized by a very intuitive pressure closing mechanism and can be activated in an instant by a simple and light manual pressure. In fact, this type of drain closes with a “click” and opens with a “clack”. Over time, the new click clack drain is replacing the traditional exhaust system with a skip. Thanks to this new type of drain, it will not be necessary to install additional connection accessories outside the sanitaryware because the mixer and the drain will be two independent elements. Click click drains can be adapted to washbasins and bidets with or without overflow system. Unlike the overflow, it is much more reliable and has better functionality and should be used both when the washbasin is overfilled and when it is not.

Modern washbasins usually do not have overflow either for an aesthetic reason, as they are made with alternative materials to ceramics and could “spoil” the aesthetic appearance of the sanitary ware, or for a technological reason, i.e. design washbasins usually have such a thin edge that they cannot have an overflow hole. Finally, free-flowing drains are usually used in commercial establishments such as restaurants where water must always be able to drain and never fill the sink.

On what parameters should we choose the drain?

The choice of the waste water drain certainly depends on the particular needs we have and does not correspond to precise selection parameters. A click-clack drain could be the perfect solution in case you need to keep something wet in the sink, for example if you usually wash your clothes by hand. The free draining waste, instead, is used for showers as this is the solution that allows water to drain freely.

There are many models of drains on the market, even at a very affordable price! So you can choose the perfect model for your bathroom!

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