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Sewerage cleaning.

My experience. What helped and what not. Epic blockage.

Hello! I want to share with you the story of how I cleaned my sewer. In principle, I knew where she had a weak spot – because I installed it myself and mounted it incorrectly))) Oh, experience – the son of difficult mistakes … But I decided that I would go through all the circles and try all the ways that I would find out about. Of course from the Internet) Therefore, the first thing I did was get on the Web and found 5 main ways to clean the sewer. Here they are:

  • I must say that I had a difficult case – the water poured in the kitchen …
  • And it poured out in the bathroom …
  • So the blockage was after the kitchen and the bathroom, somewhere on the way to the riser …
  • I started with a plunger. This is a great thing, but for mild cases. He did not help me. More precisely, the water was gone, but when I opened the faucet in the kitchen, she returned) I had to look and try something else.
  • In general, it was a long story, with trials, experiments, debunking myths …

So welcome to my long speech) Who will inspect to the end – a bonus in the form of stories about plumbers)

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