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Inspection hatch for the shower tray on the podium.

Greetings to all, dear readers! Today we will talk about a niche with an inspection hatch, for access to the drain of a shower tray, any heavy one from Ceramics, from Artificial Stone, from Marble, from Granite or QUARIL installed on the podium (in this case, the Kvarilovy shower tray). We will consider only a niche, the whole technology starting from the podium, you can find it on the Internet freely. First – When pouring the screed, the height of the niche should be 3 mm above the lower siphon connection and from the lower side of the siphon to the two extreme walls should be about 5 cm (for ease of installation of the siphon).

We put the floor tile on the glue as close as possible to the podium no more than 2 mm and then close all the cracks in the niche with tile glue and mortar.

After the screed has dried, we adjoin the abutment of the walls and the podium, as well as the niche itself, using any corner tape or low-density geotextile (in this case, acrylic waterproofing of local spill).

install a metal frame in a niche (any metal angles and bolts can be used) – the size of the frame must be such that the siphon freely enters the niche. Instead of the frame, you can simply make a jumper from the top with a corner.

In a niche, we lay out a tile from two pieces making a bias towards the bathroom (5mm-7mm) will be enough. Then we close all the cracks in the niche with silicone.

Apply glue

We glue the pallet. Attention to the alternation of the sequence of work depends on many facts, so choose yourself for yourself.

Putty the sides of the podium with tile glue, blocking the floor tiles (this is necessary if there is a leak, water will not go under the tile)

Install the siphon

The edge of the tile from the niche should approach the floor 2-3 mm higher.

Finish laying the tiles.

The removable hatch-tile should not be siliconized or overwritten (The method of fixing the tiles to choose from, there are a lot of methods on the Internet) I have a suction cup. The main point is the ease of access for discussion and the water will leak when it leaks, which will quickly fix this problem. I hope everyone clear. Good luck to everyone, bye.

Access to the shower trap on the podium.

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