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How to hide communications in the house? Part 2

Types and features of revision hatches

There are several categories of inspection hatches adapted to different locations and access to different communications. The strict requirements of GOST and SNiP apply only to fire-fighting products, as for the remaining hatches, manufacturers proceed from considerations of common sense and their technological capabilities.

The design of the inspection hatch is a combination of a frame, a door, locks and hinges, the characteristics of which depend on the purpose of the product.

Tile hatches

Perhaps the most common type of inspection hatches that are installed in walls, floors, on any surfaces where it is necessary to create access to communications while maintaining the appearance of the tiled surface.

The surface of the door is made of material on which adhesives lie well. An attentive manufacturer creates a grid of sizes of hatches so that different types of tiles fit well on the door surface without the need to cut the material. The door is made strong because the weight of the tile can be significant.

Hatches for painting

The main requirement for them is the surface on which the paint lays well. It is either stainless steel or modern polymers. Other features depend on the location of the hatch.

Floor hatches

They are subject to the most stringent requirements in terms of strength. The frame and the hatch must withstand a considerable load from people walking on them. In addition, the weight of the finishing material, such as artificial stone or porcelain stoneware, maybe large. Of particular importance is the door’s bending strength – deformation of the surface can lead to delamination of the finishing material.

A hatch of this type is usually made of durable aluminum or steel. The door made of the same material, reinforced with stiffeners. For convenience and safety, some models are equipped with hinge hinges that allow not only to retract but also to securely lock the cover in the open position.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the hatches for entering the cellars and cellars – this is also a kind of revision hatches, the dimensions of which allow you to penetrate the underground to carry out work there. Safety, in this case, is guaranteed by gas stops and shock absorbers of the cover, hinges, and locks that must open on both sides, the width of such a hatch should start from 1100 mm.

Fire hatches

For these products, there are a number of serious requirements described in the Fire Regulations in the Russian Federation. Revision of March 5, 2014, enforced by Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of February 17, 2014 N 113.

The product must provide minimum fire resistance for 60 minutes (EI60), withstand temperatures of 900 ° C and be densified when heated so as not to allow smoke. To do this, it uses a second layer of sealant, which when heated increases sharply in size. A very important requirement is fire hatch certification! The tests take into account strength, fire resistance, ease of opening and tightness.

Budget revision hatches

This is a category of products that provide access to communications in walls and niches due to a simple hinged door, a removable cover – they use simple hinges and locks, inexpensive materials. The products are reliable, savings are achieved through the use of inexpensive material and a simple hinge mechanism.

The budget revision hatch does not belong to low-quality ones, it is inexpensive when purchased, but retains all the properties of the product, which provides access and concealment of communications. As a rule, such hatches are installed in places where there is no need for increased strength, fire resistance or full integration into the design solution. The selection of such products is very wide.

Insulated inspection hatches

These are durable structures with increased depth of the case and door, in which a layer of insulation is laid, most often mineral wool or slabs. The choice of insulation is dictated by fire safety considerations, the requirements of lightweight, moisture resistance. Hatches of this type are installed in the places where the ventilation shafts, channels through which cold air passes. They prevent heat transfer between the room and the niche.

Manufacturers of inspection hatches

The choice of the inspection hatch is significantly affected by quality and affordability – and this is a matter of organizing development and production, the successful solution of which depends on the authority and solidity of the manufacturer.

How to navigate the offers? Promises and the result should not diverge, therefore, it is worth choosing the manufacturer of revision hatches based on several criteria. This is the presence of our own production base, a wide range of models in each category, open information on the design of products and detailed explanations in detail.

A big plus is the presence of our own extensive sales network in stores, the availability of patents for the design and the use of high-quality elements, locks, hinges, hull profiles, and manhole covers. It is a matter of experience and long-term presence in the market. The wider the range, the more options for designs, materials, and prices a manufacturer can offer, the more confidence in the quality of products. Firms offering fire hatches in their assortment carry out product certification, and this is also a serious indicator.

The Colosseum of Technologies is a manufacturer of revision hatches of all categories under the REVIZOR brand. Production is organized at our own factory, development is carried out by the company’s specialists, components – locks and aluminum profiles – are purchased from leading manufacturers in this market segment. REVIZOR factory inspection hatches are sold in 143 dealerships and 10 in-house stores of the company from Moscow to Novosibirsk. In the full production cycle, more than 50 people are involved, the products are time-tested and by numerous customers. Up to 30 thousand products are produced per year. All hatches of the REVIZOR trademark are patented and have a guarantee of 5 years.

The material on the inspection hatches was prepared with the participation of the specialists of the company Colosseum of Technologies

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