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Floor tiles Porcelanosa

The popularity of floor tiles is at a consistently high level due to the variety of formats, textures, shades, as well as strength, fire resistance, practicality, environmental friendliness and non-allergenicity of this coating. Floor tiles are used both for chamber interiors of residential premises and for huge public spaces. The increased strength of the floor tiles (performance is even higher than that of the wall) is especially important for areas with a high level of traffic.

The surface of the flooring can be of several types:

  • glossy tiles give the interior elegance and festivity;
  • matte tiles, ideal for creating a cozy, restrained atmosphere;
  • matte-glossy (lappated) tile combines the advantages of the first two types.

All of these types of tiles are made in factories that are part of the Porcelanosa Grupo. The Spanish concern is a recognized leader in the creation of flooring. The company sets the tone in dimensional formats. The dimensions of the floor tiles often used in Porcelanosa are 22×90 cm, 14.3×90 cm, 31.9×90 cm, 43.5×65.9 cm, 59.6×59.6 cm. The thickness of the coating is very important.

The main varieties of floor tiles Porcelanosa in thickness:

  • thin tile – 0.3-0.5 cm;
  • standard tile – 0.8-1 cm;
  • heavy-duty tile – 1-1.1 cm.

Large-format floor tiles are distinguished by such advantages as absolute similarity with the monolith and a fashionable appearance.

Features of laying floor tiles

Before installation, it is necessary to take into account the evenness and strength of the base for the cladding, the presence of voids, the level of temperature and humidity.

Before laying it is necessary:

  • dismantle, if any, the old flooring;
  • level the floor with a screed;
  • under the screed or under the glue, use the mixture for self-leveling, which after drying is primed;
  • prepare a cement-based adhesive;
  • soak the tile: this way it will not absorb moisture from the adhesive layer and sticks better.

Installation begins with the placement of beacon fragments in the center of the floor, from which the remaining rows are already stacked. When laying Porcelanosa floor tiles with cross-shaped inserts, seams of at least 0.3 cm are formed. The final stage of laying is grouting the joints with mastic with water-repellent properties.

Porcelanosa flooring textures

Floor tiles for concrete are versatile and at the same time open up limitless possibilities for using expressive sophistication of simplicity. The Dover Acero collection of gray color thanks to a matte “concrete” surface ennobles interior design decisions of any style. The new Metropolitan collection of lappated tiles captivates with overflows of concrete-based relief.

Marble floor tiles are an everlasting classic. The splendor of this stone with its graceful pattern and tints of shades perfectly imitates the Marmol collection. This glossy flooring adorns and visually expands the space. Another “marble” Bari collection attracts the eye with an exquisite shade of ivory with a unique fragile pattern of dark lines.

Stone floor tiles give an attractive atmosphere of natural beauty. Granite, limestone, quartzite, basalt, slate textures make the interior sophisticated and elegant. An example of maximum naturalness is the collection of Venis Boulevard floor tiles, imitating rough stone with hints of alabaster, coral, as well as beige, gray and brown colors.

Tiles on the floor under the tree solves the problem of high cost and rapid wear of beautiful wooden coatings. A remarkable example of durable tiles with an absolute likeness of parquet was the London collection. The luxury of natural wood aesthetics combined with high wear resistance makes this tile a welcome element in many interiors.

Outdoor natural stone tile- The prerogative of L’antic Colonial, a member of the Porcelanosa Group. Popular natural stone coatings are Asian granite, travertine, and marble tiles (for example, the Habana collection in dark brown)

Floor tiles Porcelanosa is the optimal choice for any interior design due to its durability, aesthetics and a variety of formats, materials, and colors.

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