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Bathroom tile

Bathroom tile

Ceramic tile is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also durable, which makes it an ideal option for decorating bathrooms and bathrooms with their wet microclimate, fumes, condensation, not always pleasant smells, and temperature changes.

So that all these factors do not harm the interior of the bathroom, choose a title for it:

  • moisture resistant;
  • durable
  • not amenable to mechanical stress;
  • wear-resistant;
  • not requiring complicated care;
  • well tolerating household chemicals;
  • with patterns and shades resistant to abrasion and washing off;
  • not sliding.

The use of dry glaze from zirconium silicate and crystalline alumina makes the anti-slip tile. Powder from the crystals of this mixture is sprinkled on the tile at the end of the design process. Tiles with such a surface are especially good for public places with a high level of humidity: water and mud baths, saunas, pools.

Tile options for different bathroom configurations

For spacious bathrooms, tiles of any size are suitable: mosaic, large-format, in the form of large panels. The corporate size of the Porcelanosa tile 31.6×90 cm, in this case, will be very handy. Large space allows you to combine different textures, shades, sizes, apply to zone, that is, embody any ideas.

In small bathrooms, the situation requires great care. The “small to small” approach is not suitable here: small or mosaic tiles, as well as a frequent colorful pattern, visually squeeze the space until the dollhouse is visible.

Using large-format tiles will be a mistake if you make contrasting seams. A bathroom consisting of several large rectangles is not the best solution.

An excellent entrance would be the use of medium-sized tiles (20×20 or 30×30 cm) or large-format Porcelanosa tiles with the effect of a continuous monolithic surface.

Laying a rectangular elongated tile will help solve the problem of adjusting the space. Laying with the long side horizontally “widens” the narrow space in width, and vertically – “stretches” the low room in height. Sex can be visually increased by the diagonal laying of squares.

Matte, gloss and embossed texture

Glossy bathroom tile very common, this is a bright, elegant solution. But in the bathroom there is usually a powerful electric light – and it can cast a bright glare on a dark gloss, and this is not always pleasant for the eyes. The light glossy surface in this regard is not so annoying.

Even less worried about the eyes are matte tiles. She is more comfortable, creates a calm mood. At the same time, the slight roughness of such tiles is very suitable for flooring. It is best to lay glazed tiles with a small relief on the floor – it will not glide too much. Wall cladding in this regard has no restrictions.

Actual today option for both walls and floor – textured tiles that mimic, for example:

  • snake scales, as in the collection of Porcelanosa Madison Antracita
  • wooden or stone dies, as in the Forest collection
  • foliage, as in the decor of Oxo
  • pebbles
  • air bubbles
  • rust-affected metal

Tiles of this kind very plausibly convey all the richness of the textures of the world.

Colors for bathroom tiles

If you have no reason to consider yourself a brilliant designer, it is better to rely on the time-tested classics and the taste of professionals who have already developed rich combinations of shades and universal solutions.

An example of a universal solution is the Porcelanosa Verona collection. This tile with remarkably selected soft, natural cream-brown shades is the perfect solution for the walls and floors of any bathroom. Verona is suitable for interior classics and for a wide variety of styles: retro, Provence, rustic style, modern. One has only to choose the appropriate color scheme and texture. Three versions of shades provide a choice for lovers of both warm and cold tones.

An unmistakable choice is a classic finish when the wall at the top is faced with tiles of a lighter shade, and at the bottom – darker, like the floor. The border on the wall is decorated with border tiles, harmoniously combined with the color scheme of the walls. The Porcelanosa collections provide a wide selection of matching wall and floor tiles in contrasting colors.

The modern trend is fashionable ideas of ecological purity and harmonious naturalness, based on complex shades and exquisite graphic texture. Porcelanosa bathroom collections that imitate natural materials – wood, stone, paper, fabric – are the best suited for this area. For example, Japan’s beige-gray laconic collection, imitating paper, recalls exquisite Japanese minimalism and love of eco-friendly materials. The gray-white Jersey collection with its pronounced structure looks like the weave of the same name fabric.

In spacious bathrooms, you can decide on a bold design with 3D tiles that can recreate the atmosphere of large spaces, landscapes, views. To embody this idea, you can choose, for example, Porcelanosa Madagascar Ona Natural tiles, which with their soft tints create a feeling of immersion in the depths of the sea.

4 small rules for buying ceramic tiles for the bathroom

  1. The choice of tiles is done in advance, before buying furniture for the bathroom, since the style and placement of furniture and interior items depend on the installation.
  2. To calculate the purchase, you need to find out the area of ​​the room without taking into account the doorway, but taking into account space behind and under the bathroom. These areas also need hygienic, moisture-resistant protection.
  3. After calculating how many tiles of the selected collection you need by 1 m², and multiplying this number by the area of ​​the bathroom, you can determine how many tiles you need to buy. But any styling is complete without a fight, cutting tile fit. Therefore, it is worth laying another 5-10% for the walls and 6-12% for the floor.
  4. You need to buy the entire volume immediately so that you do not get from other batches later: the tile may turn out to be in a slightly different shade and caliber.

The bathroom, beautifully and practically decorated with high-quality tiles, will give you joy and good mood at any time of the day!

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